June 14, 2024

Almost as before. Nokia promises to replace the battery in five minutes.

Users should be able to replace the Nokia G22 battery themselves.


Nokia has a new smartphone that battery and screen users can easily replace themselves.

With the first cell phones, everything was very simple. Remove the back cover, take out the battery and insert a new one, you’re done. This is long gone. Today, most smartphone batteries are permanently installed in the device, so even professionals often need half an hour or more to replace the battery, if that’s even possible at all. But that is slowly changing again.

With the Nokia G22, for example, like all Nokia devices that are now being manufactured by the Finnish company HMD Global, the manufacturer is officially offering cheap replacement assemblies for both the battery and the screen. He designed the cell phone in such a way that even mere mortals can replace it.

Screen switch in 20 minutes

However, the exchange is not as easy as it was back then. Customers first have to open the case using the tool provided and carefully remove some cables. However, HMD Global says a battery replacement can be done in five minutes and a screen in 20 minutes.

The smartphone manufacturer is working with iFixIt, which is known for providing self-repair instructions. Recently, more and more manufacturers are starting to make repairing their smartphones a little easier again.

Even Apple allows repairs

In addition to projects like Fairphone, where the self-repair option is an essential part of the concept, some leading manufacturers are also now offering instructions and parts for repairs, including Apple.

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In 2022, the latter introduced the possibility for private individuals to order spare parts and tools for iPhone repair in many countries, unfortunately not in Switzerland. However, Apple still recommends that only professionals proceed with battery or screen replacement.