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Today (7pm) the derby against Kalsdorf will take place in Allerheiligen. In the summer, Kalsdorfs Alessandro Raffl moved to the United States and Allerheiligen defender Luca Puster was jointly responsible for this.

from Marcel Star | 5:50 AM, August 27, 2021


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Luca Buster © (c) Richard Burgstaler (Richard Burgstaler)

kick once Luca Buster He himself in the United States and came up with an idea about it.

Three years ago he co-founded it Fabio Rumbler Its own agency to enable Austrians to transfer to universities in the USA. “It is not possible to combine infrastructure and a bachelor’s degree by a second-class team in Austria,” says Buster. Time and time again, regional league players dare to leap across the ocean – recently with them David tend And Marco Lang Also two footballers from Halloween. “We try to avoid actively promoting this in our league. But we give a lot of lectures in schools and then the players approach us. Sometimes your heart hurts when you lose your teammates. But you are also happy for the player that this adventure awaits him.”

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