April 25, 2024

Alfred Molina takes on the lead role in the Amazon thriller "Three Pines" - fernsehserien.de

Alfred Molina takes on the lead role in the Amazon thriller “Three Pines” – fernsehserien.de

Montreal and Quebec are henceforth the area of ​​Alfred Molina’s investigations. The actor, known for films like “Boogie Nights” or “Spider-Man,” is starring in the new crime drama “Three Pines” for Amazon. Production of the first season, which will consist of eight episodes, has already begun in Canada.

The format is based on a series of novels about Inspector Armand Gamachy by Louise Penny. Alfred Molina now slips into the role of a detective who has the ability to see things that others miss. He can read between the lines well and spot the evil in what is supposed to be every day. While trying to solve a slew of murders in the seemingly peaceful town of Three Pines, he discovers some long-kept secrets and confronts some of his own demons.

Responsible for production studio Left Bank Pictures, probably best known for the Netflix drama “The Crown”. The novels and the main character have been adapted by models Emilia Di Girolamo and Catherine Trigina. Andy Harris, Sharon Huff, and John Phillips are responsible as producers.

Comic book fans sure know Alfred Molina as the villain Dr. Otto Octavius ​​from the 2004 movie Spider-Man 2. The actor will play this role again in the upcoming movie “Spider-Man: No Way Home”. Molina has also played prominent roles in the film series Matador, Show Me a Hero, Feud between Pete and Joan and as Prosecutor and later Investigator Ricardo Morales in Law & Order: Los Angeles. “.

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In 2013, Canadian broadcaster CBCTV filmed the case of Inspector Gamashi. At that time, the main role was played by Nathaniel Parker. The film “Inspector Gamashi – because everyone is to blame” was shown in 2015 on the ZDF channel.