Alexa celebrates its platinum anniversary with new phrases and trivia

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(Pocket-lint) – In celebration of the Queen’s platinum anniversary, Amazon has updated Alexa with a quiz titled “How am I mine?” , new royal trivia questions and even new phrases to learn tea etiquette.

Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee is an event that has been in the making for 70 years. The festivities begin on June 2 and run through June 5 – all in honor of Queen Elizabeth II and her historic reign. She was declared queen in 1952, surpassing Queen Victoria. She is the longest-reigning monarch of the United Kingdom and the first British monarch to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee. The 96-year-old Queen will be treated to parades, concerts, and memorial activities such as the Amazon Royal Quiz, trivia questions and tea tips for Alexa users.


What’s new in Alexa?

Here’s how to access and use Alexa’s new Platinum Anniversary features.

How much do I own?

The test was coordinated by a royal expert. Amazon describes what it’s about: “If you’re an Arsenal fan or speak French, you might have more in common with the residents of Buckingham Palace.” To find out how much mine you are, just ask Alexa “How royal am I?” On an Echo or Alexa-enabled device.

Royal Trivia

In addition to the new test, Alexa has new proprietary knowledge. It can even tell you how to correctly pronounce the word “scone” once and for all.

Simply ask Alexa the following questions to get started:

  • Alexa How do you pronounce the word “sleep”?
  • Alexa, speak like a queen
  • Alexa, sing the national anthem
  • Alexa, do you know the Queen?
  • Alexa how old is the queen?
  • Alexa, how many corgis does the Queen have?
  • Alexa, does the Queen need a passport?
  • Alexa, when did Queen Elizabeth marry Prince Philip?
  • Alexa, what’s the Queen’s birthday?
  • Alexa, what is the royal family’s last name?
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tea etiquette

According to Amazon, Alexa has been “royally updated” with the help of etiquette specialist William Hanson and former Queen Chef Darren McGrady. You can now get tea etiquette tips from both. If you ask Alexa specific questions, she’ll help you “stick to afternoon tea etiquette and celebrate your anniversary in true British style.”

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In a press release, McGrady described how important tea was to the Queen.

“In my experience, the Queen enjoys afternoon tea full of sandwiches and scones. Two types of sandwiches, often English ham with English mustard and pickles, are skinless and topped in the royal cellars of Pimm’s.” As for cakes, he says the Queen loves them “one day plain and one day saturated with raisins.”

“Also small pastries like blueberry muffins and ‘slice cake’ (she can cut a piece out of it), honey and cream sponge cake, fruit tart, banana bread or her favorite chocolate cake,” McGrady continues. Wash them down with a cup of delicious steamed Earl Gray tea.

To learn proper tea etiquette, ask Alexa the following questions:

  • Alexa, should I put cream or jam on the scones first?
  • Alexa, how do you pronounce “scone” correctly?
  • Alexa, how do you properly hold a cup of tea?
  • Alexa, how do you drink afternoon tea like a queen?
  • Alexa, how do you stir a cup of tea properly?
  • Alexa, how do you eat sandwiches properly in afternoon tea?
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