Alex Wilson has to go to court for doping and faces a four-year ban

Alex Wilson has been waiting for a verdict in the case of a positive doping test for more than a year.Photo:

On June 22, runner Alex Wilson’s trial will take place before the Swiss Olympic Disciplinary Chamber. The Basel player is under high suspicion of doping – he is facing a four-year ban.

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On March 15, 2021, sprinter Alex Wilson submitted a positive test for steroids. The anabolic steroid Trenbolone was found in his urine. The 32-year-old has been provisionally banned since 27 July following a number of legal inconsistencies and a ruling by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). Due process against Wilson is still pending.

Alex Wilson in June 2021 in Lucerne.

Alex Wilson in June 2021 in Lucerne.Photo: cornerstone

This circumstance is due to the fact that both parties – the National Anti-Doping Agency as plaintiff, and Alex Wilson’s attorney as defense counsel – requested a stay while the proceedings were in progress. First, the Swiss record man changed the reason for the positive sample.

The focus is no longer on the excessive consumption of contaminated meat from cattle fattening, but on the deliberate administration of the substance by a competitor. Wilson’s defense wants evidence or at least circumstantial evidence.

Wilson’s name also appears in another case

On the contrary, Swiss Mathematical Integrity needed more time to evaluate and respond to the new theory dialectically. Additionally, Wilson’s name suddenly appeared in another doping case earlier in the year. The FBI and Osada are investigating the Eric Lira case of Texas.

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He is said to have provided growth hormones and EPO to Nigerian runner Blessing Okagbare, who was suspended during the Olympics and is now given a ten-year ban. It has been proven that Lyra has been in contact with many other athletes, including Alex Wilson.

Alex Wilson continues to believe in his innocence.

Alex Wilson continues to believe in his innocence.Photo: cornerstone

He told investigators that he only met Lira in June 2021 – three months after he sampled Trenbolone – and had two legal treatments with him. He was treated for his acute back pain in June and after three weeks in a negative pressure room at Lira’s home in El Paso in preparation for the Olympics.

The World Federation also questioned Wilson

This circumstance is not part of the current procedures before the Swiss Olympic Disciplinary Chamber. The trial on June 22 revolves around a positive doping test. Wilson’s defense petitioned the three-person court to obtain the acquittal. She is also believed to have good arguments thanks to the analysis of a beard hair sample from the athlete, which rules out taking trenbolone regularly.

For its part, Swiss Sport Integrity is demanding a four-year ban, which would mean the end of Wilson’s career. The decision will not be long after the hearing. On the one hand, experience has shown that the DK makes a decision very quickly after negotiations, and on the other hand, the Doping Act states that this decision must be communicated within 20 days. The public is expected to know before the summer holidays.

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However, for a number of reasons, it remains unclear whether the decision will be the last word in the Wilson case. On the other hand, it could take up to three months for the Bank of England to publish the detailed reasons for the ruling. Then, the parties have another month to decide whether to appeal the ruling to the Court of Arbitration for Sport. After that, the CAS in Lausanne – likely until 2023 – will make a final decision.

The case ends with Wilson before the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne.

The case ends with Wilson before the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne.Photo: EPA/Cornerstone

On the other hand, Alex Wilson was interviewed by the Anti-Doping Organization of the World Association of Athletics Federations (AIU) at the beginning of June. A second interrogation is still pending. In the survey, steroids investigators attempted to establish a link between Wilson’s contact with Lyra and the trenbolone sample.

constant optimism

If other allegations are indeed substantiated, the eight-year ban could threaten. However, one insider close to Wilson was very optimistic that this investigation would end in a stalemate “because there is simply nothing there”.

According to a rumor from the USA, the FBI is no longer investigating Alex Wilson. However, lawyers doubt whether the federal authority would actually lean out of the window to make such statements during the ongoing investigation against Eric Lira. On the other hand, it is also unknown whether outside government agencies took action against Wilson, because he neither lives in the United States nor is he American.

On the other hand, the US Anti-Doping Authority ensures this. According to insiders, Alex Wilson himself and his lawyers remain firmly convinced that they will come out of the whole process as clean winners.

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