Alcoholic Beverages – Chief Medical Officer Calls for Ad Ban | free press

About 74,000 people die each year from alcohol. Chief medical officer Klaus Reinhart has appealed to politicians to stop ignoring this fact and called for measures to reduce alcohol consumption.


President Dr. Klaus Reinhardt is calling for stronger barriers to be put in place against harmful alcohol consumption. “We need to ban advertising on alcoholic beverages,” said the head of the German Medical Association on the occasion of a week of work on the topic.

Alcohol causes about 74,000 deaths each year. “Policy makers can no longer ignore this sad fact. They must finally take effective measures to reduce alcohol consumption.” There are already restrictions on the advertising of alcoholic beverages, including in relation to children and young adults.

“Alcohol is ubiquitous in our society, but its downsides are easy to forget or suppress,” Reinhardt said. “Alcohol consumption is always risky.” Anyone who suspects they have problems with alcohol should contact a doctor they trust. In many cases, a significant reduction in consumption can be achieved with medical help. (dpa)

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