July 14, 2024

Alabama Crimson Tide WR DeVonta Smith says the focus is on the Ohio Bucks after winning the Heisman

Alabama Crimson Tide WR DeVonta Smith says the focus is on the Ohio Bucks after winning the Heisman

Wide receiver from Alabama Devonta Smith Offensive Coordinator Steve Sarkissian did their best to deflect focus from the defining moments of their careers as they prepared for Monday’s match with Ohio State in the College Football Playoff National Championship.

Smith chose not to have fun on Wednesday by becoming the first broad recipient to win the Heisman Cup since 1991. He said he came home after the virtual ceremony on Tuesday and “went to sleep straight.”

Smith said: “Last night it was a wonderful feeling.” “It was just a blessing to be in this position [quarterback Mac Jones and coach Nick Saban]. But this is in the past, and now it’s Ohio. “

Smith, who led the nation at receptions, took over the arenas and received the touchdowns, is likely to face a corner match in the US state of Ohio. Sean Wade In the championship match on Monday (8pm EST, ESPN).

Smith described Wade as “cunning” and “technician with everything he does”.

“I’m only looking forward to my last game,” Smith said. “I only guarantee it the latter, so I’m looking forward to playing against it.”

Smith is Mel Keper’s fourth best prospect 2021 NFL Project And Sentinel No. 1 seed.

“I’m clearly excited about the opportunity” that awaits him in Austin, said Sarkissian, who will become the next coach for the Texas Longhorns after Monday’s title match. However, Wednesday asked any questions regarding his remaining duties with Crimson Tide.

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Sarkissian, who was previously a head coach for Washington (2009 to 2013) and University of Southern California (2014 to 2015), has been the offensive coordinator for Alabama for the past two seasons.

Sarkissian said, “The commitment I made to coach Saban two years ago is the same commitment I made to these players, which is to focus on this match.” “Give this game the attention it deserves so our players get a chance to go out and play to the best of their ability.”

Sarkissian said he’s trying to keep this week as normal as possible.

He said, “Any free time I have, a job in Texas gets my attention, be it hiring or hiring, things like that.”

Sarkissian Alabama said the recipient and returning specialist Jaylyn Waddle, Who suffered an ankle injury against Tennessee in mid-October and has not appeared in a match since, training Tuesday. Sarkissian will not provide any updates after this.

“We’ll see where things go from here,” Sarkissian said.

Before his injury, Waddle had 25 passes and four touchdowns. As a return specialist, he averaged 19.3 yards when returning the boat during its three seasons.

Smith said Waddle looked good in practice, but only provided a short answer when asked if he thought his team-mate would be able to play.

Smith said: “No comment.”