Airship survival game Forever Skies has been postponed

From Michael Misculin
In fact, Forever Skies, the first-person airship survival game from developer Far From Home, was supposed to be released on Steam later this year. But now it’s been pushed back to next year after feedback poured in on the popular Steam Next Fest demo in October.

According to developers sky forever Over 80,000 people played the demo in question, which generated “a flurry of positive and constructive feedback”. Studio Far From Home would like to implement these comments before Early Access begins. Early access is already planned to launch before the end of this year.

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Forever Skies: A better foundation for more basic mechanics

“On the surface, everything looked great,” Far From Home explains in an official Steam blog post about the recent comments. “83% of respondents gave the demo an 8/10 or better rating. But when we looked deeper, we started to see things that many players said they missed.” He continues, “We’re now seeing a much larger influx of players picking up the game during early access than originally anticipated.” The developers continue: “As such, we want to build a better foundation for our more core mechanics so that everyone has a much clearer idea of ​​what to expect from the future of Forever Skies.”

Forever Skies: First-person gameplay trailer

Forever Skies takes place in a post-apocalyptic scenario where the world is shrouded in dangerous and toxic “dust” in which players usually hover in their airships. Now the world will be carried to dust at the start of early access. “The original plan was to include this as one of the first major updates in Early Access,” Far From Home explains. “But the feedback and the questions about what’s going on under the dust really showed us that we had to have some basics out from under the dust from the start.” Thus, developers want to implement new mechanisms, schemes, and viruses in time to start.

All of this now leads Forever Skies into Early Access in the “first half” of 2023, giving the developer time to implement “a much better foundation that will allow us and our community to move through the next phases of the game from the get-go.” A specific release date will be announced at later.

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