Air Malta flight: Please get out of the Airbus A320neo with the bird!

An Air Malta flight was delayed for an unusual reason. A traveler does not want to part with his plane.

When birds delay a plane, they usually don’t survive. Because if animals got stuck in an engine on the runway, for example, that bird strike could definitely abort the takeoff. In Malta, a bird delayed a passenger flight elsewhere — and even survived it.

Air Malta flight KM586 from Malta to Madrid on Saturday morning (April 15) took off about an hour and a half late. Unusual reason: A passenger wanted to fly with a bird in the cabin. This was reported by the Times of Malta, which contains photographs showing security and police officers asking a passenger to disembark an Airbus A320 Bei, registration number 9H-NED.

specified in the Conditions of Carriage

According to the report, the captain of the machine refused to take off with the animal on board. A spokesperson for the airline said the conditions of carriage clearly state that birds are not allowed in the cabin. It is not known what kind of bird it was, how it was transported and how the man managed to get the animal through the security check onto the plane in the first place.

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