June 21, 2024

Ahead of Courchevel / Méribel - These six ball decisions are made at the end of the season - The Sports

Ahead of Courchevel / Méribel – These six ball decisions are made at the end of the season – The Sports

Ahead of Courchevel / Méribel – These six ball decisions are made at the end of the season – Sport – SRF

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Victory in the World Cup is an important topic for women, but for men, it is pointless. There are also 4 small crystal balls to win.

The most exciting question before the end of the season in Courchevel / Méribel is the decision regarding the women’s World Cup victory. Michaela Shifrin (1245 points) vs. Petra Flova (1189) is the name of the fencing.

Shiffrin talks about the fact that she has a points advantage (56) and has driven much better than her Super-G competitor this season. Vlhova has been able to catch up as she recently made her comeback again in the giant slalom. Both seem to have lost a bit of the impressive slalom form the duo featured in at the Olympics.


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Slightly different rules apply to the season’s final races than to other World Cup events. Overview:

  • The Participant field is reduced. Only the top 25 athletes in the discipline classification may compete. There are also athletes with over 500 World Cup points as a whole and World Junior Champions in their discipline.
  • World Cup points Only available until place 15.
  • place: If the World Cup takes place the following winter, the final match of the season will be played at the World Cup Stadium. Same this year.

For the men, it is with the World Cup in general as well as settled: Marco Odermatt (1379 points) is on the verge of victory. With a lead of 329 points, his pursuer Alexander Kielde would need unparalleled exploitation to catch the Swiss win, who would also have to remain in vain. Winning gives 100 points.

These 4 little balls are still ready to catch

  • women leavingWith Corinne Sutter, the Swiss is still hoping to win the ball. But one thing is clear: Sofia Jogia, who has 75 points, must have made a mistake. If Sutter wins, Goggia must be 11th at the maximum for Switzerland to win.
  • Giant slalom for womenMathematically, with Sarah Hector (522 points), Tessa Worley (517), Schiffrin (471) and Velhova (431) there are still 4 athletes in the ball race.
  • men’s departure: Here is Kilde (570 points) and Beat Feuz (547 points) duel. Success will also be possible for Matthias Maier (late 84 points) and Dominique Paris (88). If Fuse wins, Kelde must be second to prevent the Swiss from winning the ball.
  • limp men: Henrik Kristofferson is a favourite. He is 48 points ahead of his nearest pursuer, Lucas Brathin. And hiding behind them is Linus Strasser (64 points), Manuel Feller (70) and Daniel Yule (88).

These decisions have already been made

  • Giant slalom men: There was no overtaking to dominate the season Odermatt (4 wins in 7 races, 2 times 2, 3rd time), even if Kristoffersen increased the heat again with the last two wins at Kranjska Gora.
  • Super G men: Kilde showed similar dominance in Super-G. He came out in the first race of the season, winning 4 out of the other 5 Super Gs and was defeated only once by Odermatt.
  • limp women: Dominatoren might also call itself Velhova. She won 5 times in 8 slalom events, took second place twice and was ranked 4. The little ball could no longer be taken out of her.
  • Super G for womenWith consistency and 3 wins, Federica Brignoni hit the ball early in the second fastest team. No other opponent has been able to achieve such strong results on a regular basis.

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