April 23, 2024

AGESA update brings support for Zen 3

AGESA update brings support for Zen 3

From Maximilian Home
The AGESA update allows motherboard manufacturers to configure their legacy AM4 motherboards for Zen 3 so that full support is possible. Now Biostar has also updated the first part of its own portfolio. Read more about this below.

The AM4 platform marked AMD’s return to competition with Intel, which the company was able to clearly define in its favor with the release of Zen 3 processors. But apart from the very fast processors, which Intel also has in its portfolio with Alder Lake, the platform offers another advantage. Until now, AM4 motherboards could usually be made compatible with newer processors via a BIOS update, so that instead of upgrading the entire platform, only a new CPU was sufficient.

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After AMD temporarily didn’t want to support the latest chipsets on motherboards with 300 chipsets, the company backed down and introduced a new little code with AGESA, which still makes that possible. A few weeks ago, MSI confirmed full support for the latest AMD chipsets such as the Ryzen 9 5950X or Ryzen 7 5800X3D for all motherboards. Biostar now follows another manufacturer and offers its customers the corresponding BIOS versions.

Not only should these support the newer processors, but the larger and smaller issues that were present in the AM4 lineup should also be fixed. A recent stuttering issue caused by a Protected File Transfer Protocol (fTPM) implementation should be resolved. The first boards for which the new AGESA update is available are already based on the B550, B450, A520 and A320. Models should follow with the X570, X470, X370, and B350 soon, so all motherboards are supported. According to Biostar, it is possible that some older AM4 chips will no longer be supported due to the latest BIOS updates. BIOS updates can now be obtained from the official website.

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source: Biostar via Videocardz