Age of Wonders 4: Strategy Epic has the best start to the series

Age of Wonders 4’s massive mix of 4X, turn-based strategy and RPG is off to a good start…in fact, the best of the series to date.

With Age of Wonders 4, Triumph Studios and Paradox Interactive delivered a true fantasy strategy monster that few fans of the series had been waiting for so long. It seems that the wait was not in vain, because the first sales numbers don’t look bad for a title of this type.

Within the first four days since release on May 2nd, the game was sold a whopping 250,000 times – across platforms, the game was released for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. It doesn’t sound like much at first glance, but we’re not talking Not a blockbuster in the style of Star Wars, but we are talking about a special mixture of 4X, turn-based strategy and role-playing games.

Apart from that, Age of Wonders 4 is the fastest selling title in the entire Age of Wonders series so far. Developers and publishers alike are delighted: “It’s always a delicate balancing act to develop a sequel, especially with a long-running series with so many loyal fans,” says Lennart Sas, co-founder of Triumph Studios and director of Age of Wonders 4. “It was amazing to see how the game was received by both veterans and new players alike. We were all blown away by the individual factions our fans shared with us, the clever strategies and guides, and the wonderful kind words we shared as we read in reviews and on social media. All of us at Triumph will be supporting Age of Wonders 4 with more content and updates, and we hope you’re ready for that!”

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If you like the title, you can already look forward to additional content. Dragon Dawn, the first DLC that can be obtained through the premium edition or expansion pass, is coming out this summer. If you don’t know exactly what the game is about, we recommend our review of Age of Wonders 4.

Age of Wonders 4 – Launch trailer for the launch of the fantasy strategy game

Age of Wonders 4 continues the hit fantasy strategy series from long ago today.

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