June 23, 2024

Age of Empires IV: The first game is here

Age of Empires IV: The first game is here

Age of Empires IV has been silent for two years – now we finally know more. And the previous games continue to grow, too.

Fans have had to be patient for a long time: since the announcement of Age of Empires IV, almost nothing has been heard about the game. In its Fan Preview, Microsoft finally showed off its first gameplay scenes. A release window has also been announced: AoE 4 is scheduled to debut this fall.

In the first game, you can see some well-known items: the berries are collected again, the gold is extracted, and the wood is chopped. What appears to be new is that the walls can be filled in with modules. Some new tricks could also be seen among the peoples: the Mughals, for example, could pack up and transport their entire village. The monks are also back with the familiar “Wololo” – the video briefly shows a group transformation transforming several units at the same time. Graphically only, the game doesn’t seem to be able to keep up with other current strategy games – but if the gameplay is correct, you might be able to overlook it.

Not much has been explained specifically. On Site preview You can now learn some details about peoples, but the game’s more concrete elements have not been implemented. You will soon be able to register for the closed beta phase. We’re curious if that’s the case Favorite tournament AoE 2 will be removed from the throne. Age of Empires IV will also be a part of Xbox Game Pass for PC – like all games from Microsoft.

Collaborative mode for AoE 2

But that’s not all: Final releases of the first three games will also continue to be supported. AoE 3 is getting new stretches with new races. AoE 2, which was recently expanded with two new races, will soon receive more DLC content. More interesting: Some of the new campaigns should be playable for two people in a new co-op.

You can check out the full preview here:

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