Against the rules: airline boss threatens to punish influencer after taking cockpit selfie

The airline chief was at the helm of Starlux’s first flight from Taipei to Los Angeles. And on board it was poignant. This is a problem now.

It was a special occasion. For the first time, Starlux Airlines has made its way from Taipei to Los Angeles. And to celebrate this day, the president of the Taiwanese airline flew the Airbus A350-900 himself, because Chang Kuo-wei is not only the founder and managing director of Starlux, but also a pilot.

But he apparently broke a rule in this job that’s now drawing attention to Taiwan’s Civil Aviation Authority: He let an unauthorized person into the cockpit. An influencer, who was on the plane at the airline’s invitation, took a selfie with the manager and pilot in the cockpit.

defines power

After the Civil Aviation Authority discovered the photo in an article, it was taken, according to the newspaper Liberty Times investigations. Chang Kuo-wei is now threatened with a fine – which he, as managing director of an airline, should be able to afford: he has to pay the equivalent of about €2,000 if the authorities prosecute him.

However, the image did not affect safety during the flight. At least it doesn’t seem like it. The selfie was apparently taken on the ground after landing in Los Angeles, but a video also shows how the managing director gave an interview before takeoff.

The pilots let the girlfriends into the cockpit

In other cases, the situation was much more delicate. For example, it was recently reported that an Air India pilot let his girlfriend into the cockpit. Not only did they not have the necessary clearance, but the captain also asked the cabin crew to create the atmosphere in the cockpit “like in the living room.” Then a flight attendant filed a complaint.

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The pilots in Argentina let a little star into the cockpit a few years ago. They got kicked out because of it. In 2013, the same thing happened at TAM in Brazil and Vietnam Airlines. In 1994 Russia, a pilot let his kids into the cockpit and let them steer an Airbus A310. Mistakes occurred, Aeroflot crashed.

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