After the racism scandal in the European Championship final: eleven people were arrested

Munich / London – The English police these days have made it clear that the Internet is not a legal vacuum. The owners of 11 social media accounts from England were arrested, on Wednesday, after racist insults against England internationals Bukayo Saka, Jadon Sancho and Marcus Rashford.

207 jobs related to criminal law

A total of 207 posts were classified as criminally relevant, 123 of which belonged to accounts outside the UK. 34 accounts are owned by users within Great Britain, and eleven account holders have now been arrested for racial slurs.

Commenting on the investigation, Mark Roberts of the National Police said: “Unfortunately there are people who think they can hide behind their social media pages and get away from them after making those ugly comments.”

“The investigation is ongoing and we thank everyone who took their time to report racist posts,” Roberts continued.

The English Football Association also spoke. “We welcome the arrests,” the statement said. “We will never tolerate any form of racism and hope this serves as an example to anyone who believes their comments online have no real consequences in life.”

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