April 13, 2024

After the death of Prince Philip (99): The Queen shares an emotional statement

After the death of Prince Philip (99): The Queen shares an emotional statement

On the occasion of the 95th birthday

On April 9, Prince Philip passed away at the age of 99. Since then, the Queen has remained silent. On the occasion of her birthday, she now speaks again for the first time.

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The Queen is currently in the stage of mourning. Her husband, Prince Philip, was buried on Saturday. Four days later, it is understood that the British monarch is in no mood to party. Queen Elizabeth II spends her 95th birthday at Windsor Castle – without much fanfare and without too much of a visit.

The traditional Christmas singing of its rangers will be abolished, and it has also abandoned the traditional Venetian salutes in Hyde Park and the Tower of London. But there is one thing the 95-year-old insists: to thank her fans.

“It was a consolation for all of us.”

The Queen’s statement was posted on Wednesday noon on the royal family’s official Instagram account. On the occasion of her birthday, she received many messages that truly appreciated her, depending on the message. “While we are in a period of great mourning as a family, it was a relief to see and hear the honor he has paid to my husband – by all people in the UK, the Commonwealth and around the world.”

She concluded her statement with the words: “My family and I thank you for the kindness and support we have received over the past few days.” They were deeply touched and “keep remembering that Philip had an extraordinary influence on countless people in his life.”

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This is the first time since Prince Philip’s death that the Queen has spoken publicly. In the past twelve days, the social media team behind the Queen has posted lots of pictures of her and her husband or statements from other members of the British royal family. But the queen herself had never had an opinion. Until now.