June 20, 2024

After Rizzo “destroyed” – the radio channel hailed the improvement

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to: Daniel Neubert

After Rizo’s ‘destroy’: radio channel hails improvement © YouTube / Renzo, open and honest, ARD & ZDF (montage)

Rizzo recently criticized a big channel on the Radio Network. Now reply with a statement.

Aachen – On July 6, YouTuber Rezo posted one of his important videos on his channel, which again attracted a lot of attention. In his half-hour video contribution, the influencer talked about his collaboration with YoutubeThe channel “offen un ‘Ehrlich” is part of the public radio network. He criticized the channel, among other things, for its unclean journalistic methods and its opaque approach. Rezo is one of the most popular influencers in Germany and is also on YouTube Twitter And the Instagram Energetic.

ingame.de reports on the background and statement on Rezo’s video.

In fact, the editors of “offen un’ Ehrlich” largely see their faults and agree with Rizzo’s claims. However, there are also critical points that those responsible for “openness and honesty” do not share with Rezo.

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