After prison sentence in England: Boris Becker: ‘Time in prison was very brutal, but I’m a tough dog’

“I’m a survivor, I’m a tough dog,” Boris Becker said in an interview with the BBC over the Easter weekend. “If anything, it has made me a better, stronger man.” In mid-December, the 55-year-old was released in England after 231 days behind bars.

The tennis star was sentenced to two and a half years in prison in London at the end of April 2022 for concealing assets worth millions from insolvency administrators. The reason for the early release was a special regulation for foreign prisoners. However, Baker must continue to relinquish a portion of his income to the insolvency administrator. In addition, he is not allowed to return to his country Great Britain at the moment.

Baker told the BBC: “Whoever says that life behind bars is not hard and hard is lying.” “It was very brutal, a very, very different experience from what you see on TV and hear in stories.” He soon learned that he needed protection and had to surround himself with “strong men”. “You fight for survival every day.”

At the start of his imprisonment, Baker spent a few weeks in Wandsworth Prison, which was notorious for its poor conditions. He was then transferred to Hanercombe Prison, which has a lower security rating.

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