December 10, 2023

After injury: 'Focus all on Canada' - Alpine skiing

After injury: ‘Focus all on Canada’ – Alpine skiing

Optimistic about her return: Corinne Sutter. © ANSA / Luciano Solero

After her serious fall at training camp in Zermatt, the start of the season was off the table for Corinne Sutter. Now the Swiss ski lady has a new goal in mind – sprints in Canada at the beginning of December.

At the end of September, the Swiss ski team received bad news. And at a distance of more than 100 km / h, the prominent figure Corinne Sutter fell and received several bruises and wounds. But the Swiss woman was lucky in misfortune. Team doctor Walter Frey made it clear early on that Sutter might soon be back on the slopes. Now she has set herself a goal.

The season’s first sprint races are scheduled for early December in Alberta, Canada. Completed two runs and a Super G at Lake Louise, the lack of it means there’s a huge drawback in the battle for important points. Sutter is also aware of this. But she doesn’t want to rush anything: “We’ll continue to proceed with caution. The first contact with the snow was important. Now I’m completely focused on starting speed in Canada,” she explained to Blake.

Sutter has fond memories of Canada

A week ago, Tech Weekend in Killington, USA was a Tech Weekend. It’s possible to start a giant slalom there, but it’s still in the stars.

So the top priority remains to get back to Lake Louise. Sutter also has fond memories of the Canadian World Cup stop. “A lot of people don’t like the ramp and say it’s too easy. I don’t think so at all. She has everything a descent needs,” said the speed lady. The 27-year-old made it into the top 10 eight times, and two years ago, she made it to the podium Twice.So the past can be a good omen.


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