May 22, 2024

After hitting the copy: Joel Corrie and Da Hole reconcile

After hitting the copy: Joel Corrie and Da Hole reconcile

The dispute over a stolen song ended. Now international superstar Joel Corrie and DJ Da Hall legend from Bottrop are working with “The Parade”.

The controversy over the covered song ended. Three years later, global superstar Joel Corrie and DJ Da Hall legend from Bottrop join “The Parade”. Brief timeline: In 1994 DJ Bottrop Frank Tomiczek achieved international fame with his song “Rave Nation”. In the summer of 1997, “Meet Her at the Love Parade” hit the German and international record stores and presented the song “Da Hool”, as Tomiczek himself calls it in the DJ stage and club, one of the most famous DJs of his time.

15 weeks in the German charts with a fourth place at number one, but also on the charts for Austria, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, Da Hool managed to carry on the Love Parade anthem. An eight-year-old London boy must have been listening at the time – Joel Corey. Today he is one of the world’s stars in the DJ scene, recording tracks with David Guetta and MNEK. He is also a coveted producer, having worked for John Legend, Sam Smith, Katy Perry and Ed Sheeran. Corey gained notoriety with the British reality TV show Jordi Shore, in which 12 young British men had to live together in a house for a few weeks. The fame that Cory gained through television has been used in a variety of business ideas.

His portfolio today includes a fitness company with a well-running fitness app, clothing line, and his own music label. Cory has been composing music since 2015, mainly in the house and techno music genres. His musical breakthrough came in 2019 with the song “Sorry”, which holds the record for the most searched song in a single day with 41,000 searches. “Sorry” became the theme song for the British reality television series “Love Island” and was certified platinum in England. Curry’s biggest career success to date comes soon after: “Head & Heart” is number one on the charts in Belgium, Ireland, the Netherlands and the UK – but it also ended up in the top 10 in Germany and the rest of the world. Globalism.

Reinterpreting Da Hall’s catchy classic

Around the same time as “Sorry” came out, Corey also approached Da Hall to cover and remix his song “Meet Her at the Love Parade.” At the time, Da Hall refused the request. However, after a short time, Korrie’s song “The Show” appeared on the charts. The music scene and Da Hool are furious and as quickly as the title pops up, it vanishes again.

But the story has a happy ending. Because DJs have come back since then. A few days ago, an official and syndicated version of “The Parade” was released, a modern reinterpretation of the original Da Hools with catchy classic rhythm – but also with many of the house elements typical of Joel Corey.

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