June 24, 2024

Britain wants to test travelers twice

After England: Wales also decided to postpone the facilitation

After England, Wales also postponed a planned mitigation of the coronavirus by four weeks due to the spread of the highly contagious delta variant. Welsh Prime Minister Mark Druckford said yesterday evening via Twitter: “We have checked all the data and will delay changes to the rules by four weeks.”

Wales still has the highest vaccination rate and lowest numbers of coronavirus in the UK, but delta-type cases have now been detected across Wales. The coronavirus restrictions are due to be checked again in mid-July.

Postponed for a month in England

As in other parts of Great Britain, life in Wales has almost returned to normal in many areas – pubs, restaurants and shops are open, and weddings and small cultural events can also be held under certain conditions.

Since the health sector is the responsibility of the provincial governments, the British government can only decide the greater part of England. British parts of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland determine coronavirus measures independently.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson delayed lifting restrictions on England by a month earlier this week. In parts of Scotland too, people have to wait longer to get more freedoms.

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