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After Canada’s Coup: Former Nürnberger Calls DEB - Sport

After Canada’s Coup: Former Nürnberger Calls DEB – Sport

Strong in the World Cup! He is one of the best ice hockey players in Germany.
5/25/2021 6:09 PM

Stop: Matthias Niederberger angered the Canadians at the German goal.

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All of Canada talks about ice hockey. In North America, the National Hockey League (NHL) playoffs, the best league in the world, take place. Since the World Championships in the country’s national sports in the background. The fact that Germany defeated the Maple Leaves 3-1 (2-1, 0-0, 1-0) at the World Cup in Riga on White Monday was a side note in the Canadian media. Although the defeat was historic, it is more important in this country. And it gives impetus to the duel with Kazakhstan and ex-Nuremberg, Jesse Blacker on Wednesday (3:15 pm).Sports 1).

First World Cup victory against Canada since 1996

For the first time since 1996 (5: 1 in Vienna), the German Ice Hockey Federation (DEB) selection won again against the home country of ice hockey at the World Cup. The Canadians came up with a very average team for their standards due to the NHL playoffs, which were not paused by the World Cup. Followers of travel regulations will be deterred by the pandemic. I swam over him. Even at the 2018 Olympic Games, there were no world stars and no NHL players whatsoever. Also in 2018, the Germans defeated Canada on their way to a stunning silver medal win. Is this the reason why this medal is less valuable today? Just.

Commendation: National coach Tony Söderholm has strengthened his team’s readiness.

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So the joy of beating the Canadians, third in the current tournament in the third half, was appropriate. Germany has never been favored in the major leagues. But also in 2021, there is something about National Coach Tony Soderholm’s team. The Finn has a well-balanced squad with courage, and Berlin’s head goalkeeper Matthias Niederberger has been a strong support so far. The only important thing from the Nuremberg standpoint is that goalkeeper Niklas Triotle has been in the stands so far.

be brave

Even the sometimes mighty Canadians couldn’t hurt the Germans. Above all, the exceptional talent Moritz Sider proves that the DEB team does not stand up to anything from anyone. The 20-year-old delivered strict checks and clear words. His NHL team, the disqualified Detroit Red Wings, should have enjoyed watching Cider evolve further. The former Mannheim player spent the year 2020/2021 playing on loan from Swedish runner-up Rögle BK, in First Division in Sweden, and was named best defender. You can find out why in the World Cup.

Troubled: Leon Dreisetteel (the white shirt) was unable to overtake the Winnipeg Jets around goalkeeper Conor Hillebock and Dylan Demelo accompanied by Edmonton Oilers. In the qualifiers, the World Superstar team were eliminated after four defeats.

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“We really have a lion’s heart, you can see that,” said Niederberger, praising his team. Time and time again the Germans threw themselves into shots of the Canadians. Together, they nerve-racked North Americans. “I probably didn’t see a game like this, as the team stopped a lot of shots. Everything worked perfectly,” Soderholm said, raising his team’s profile. Unlike the Canadians, his team did not show the best performance in the tournament. “I don’t think you’ll be the world champion in this tournament if you take so many penalties,” Söderholm said. “But we are learning.”

Quiet Hope for Dreistel

The Edmonton Oilers’ first round in the NHL Qualifiers made much bigger headlines than the national team’s defeat against Germany. What does this have to do with the World Cup? In theory, the Germans could now receive reinforcements. Leon Dracitel, one of the best players in the world, and Dominic Cahon have time now.

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