November 28, 2023

After a dangerous landing in training - Corinne Sutter's "learning process" before speed starts in Canada - Sports

After a dangerous landing in training – Corinne Sutter’s “learning process” before speed starts in Canada – Sports


After falling into training two months ago, the downhill world champion has to earn her confidence again.

At the end of September, season planning for Corinne Suter got mixed up badly. During her training in Zermatt, she suffered severe bruising of her tibia – so skiing was out of the question for some time. But now the downhill world champion Cortina is back on the Swiss speed skating training package. The 27-year-old is currently training in Nakiska, Canada, and working towards a quick start at Lake Louise in early December.

“I’ve handled the fall pretty well so far,” Sutter says in an interview. But it fits with the fact that she must first “come back” after a long break from training. “I had to learn that I had to give myself time,” admits the three-time World Cup winner. “It’s also a learning process.”

In this regard, their expectations for the first sprints of the winter are not yet great. Because even when Sutter is physically “at his best” again, as coach Pete Chur assures, Schwitteren knows: “It wasn’t like it was before.” Instead, she has to work to gain confidence day in and day out.

No predictions yet

She also received encouragement from Tschuor. “Of course it’s a big break.” But Sutter will master it, he is convinced of this. I hope she can make up for the unnoticed lack of training with her experience. But it’s not initially about results – it’s more about confidence that Sutter mentioned. And when that comes back, you’ll track results in the Speed ​​Specialist’s Olympic season.

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