April 22, 2024

African-American media businessman accuses McDonald's of discrimination

African-American media businessman accuses McDonald’s of discrimination

African American businessman companies accuse McDonald’s of discrimination when awarding advertising contracts.

The basics are in brief

  • The African American companies filed lawsuits in California court.
  • You accuse McDonald’s of discriminating against the African American media.
  • Only 0.31 percent of ad requests will go to African American media houses.

Two media companies owned by a black American businessman accuse McDonald’s fast food company of discrimination and racism. They filed a lawsuit in a California court. Byron Allen companies accuse the fast food chain of discriminating against media houses belonging to African American entrepreneurs when awarding advertising contracts.

The lawsuit said the fast-food chain spent about $ 1.6 billion (1.43 billion Swiss francs) in 2019 on TV ads in the United States. Only 0.31 percent of media companies were black-owned.

The two companies are Entertainment Studios Networks Inc. And Weather Group LLC. They demand compensation of $ 10 billion. “This is about the economic integration of African American-owned companies into the American economy,” Allen said. A McDonald’s spokesman told the Wall Street Journal that the company would investigate the allegations.

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