December 11, 2023

Afghanistan vs. Pakistan: Air Raids and Finger Pointing

Afghanistan vs. Pakistan: Air Raids and Finger Pointing

Nearly 50 people were killed in Afghanistan in the Pakistani air strikes, most of them women and children. A representative of the news agency complained on Sunday France Press agency. Accordingly, 41 civilians were killed in attacks on Saturday in the eastern province of Khost, and more than 20 others were wounded. Six deaths were reported from Kunar province, also in eastern Afghanistan.

Around the same time, the Pakistani government is complaining about the increasing extremist attacks on soldiers in the border region with Afghanistan and is demanding action from the Taliban against the attackers. On Sunday, the Foreign Ministry in Islamabad said Pakistani forces would be attacked across the border.

Verbal attacks from both sides

In the past few days, the number of unpunished attacks has increased, and authorities in the neighboring country have been repeatedly asked to do something about it, without success. Last Thursday, seven soldiers were killed in the border region of North Waziristan.

On Saturday, the Taliban, which has ruled Afghanistan since August, summoned the Pakistani ambassador over the air strikes. This came after news that the Pakistan Air Force attacked targets in Khost and Kunar provinces on Friday.

Pakistan’s ambassador in Kabul denied this. However, the Taliban believe that Pakistan is responsible for the attacks. And their spokesman, Sabihullah Mujahid, warned that “the defeat of the United States eight months ago was a good lesson for the attackers who do not want to respect the territory and freedom of Afghanistan.”

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Troubles and accidents since August

Relations between Pakistan and the Taliban, which have been good for years, have deteriorated since the Islamist extremist group took power in Afghanistan last August. Several accidents and disturbances occurred along the 2,600-kilometre border. Because of attacks by militant groups in Pakistan, the army has intensified its operations in the border area.