AfD accuses Schulz of division and voter fraud

The leader of the right-wing populist Alice Weidel accuses Schulz of dividing society.

The basics in brief

  • Alice Fidel, leader of the Alternative for Germany party, accuses Olaf Schulz of voter fraud.
  • In addition, he is said to divide society with his testimony about unvaccinated people.
  • In general, she criticizes the policies of the Ampel Alliance.

Leader of the right-wing populist party BundestagAnd Alice Fidelnew german government A “loud false start” has accused Federal Chancellor Olaf Schulz (SPD) of dividing society.

Alliance is out SPDFidel said Wednesday at the Bundestag debate after Schulz’s first government statement that the Greens and the FDP are on a path of confrontation “with reality, freedom, civil rights, citizens, and with European neighbors and partners”.

with his expressionTo also serve as an advisor to the unvaccinated, Schulze sorted the citizens into “good and unvaccinated perverts”. That is precisely the choice of the words of the divided adviser.” Weidel also accused him of rigging the vote due to the vaccination requirement related to the facility.

The leader of the AfD party attacked a traffic lightgovernment for their immigration policy, which “opens the doors of immigration to social systems more than the previous government” and their climate policy, which through “state control and distribution of state money actually leads to socialism and climate planning.”

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