May 22, 2024

Aerial World Cup in Canada - Freestyler Gygax jumps on the podium for the second time - sport

Aerial World Cup in Canada – Freestyler Gygax jumps on the podium for the second time – sport

  • Nicolas Gijax convinces with strong jumps at the World Cup at Le Relais and comes in third.
  • Permain Werner is taking the full risk on his last jump – and it doesn’t pay off.
  • In the top-six only final, Jiaxu Sun beat players from China and Switzerland.

In the fifth aerial competition of the season, the Swiss Freestyle Slots finished sixth on the podium. But neither Bremen Werner nor Noe Roth was allowed to cheer in the end – but Nikola Gijax was. The 25-year-old showed excellent competition and was rewarded with a third place finish, ninth in the playoffs climbing to fifth with the first jump in the final and then advancing again. The bonus was the second podium of his career.

With Werner, a second Swiss was represented in the Top 6 athletes final. The 21-year-old, who has already been on the podium twice this winter, fully risked his third jump of the day. He tried a “Full Double Full Double” – three somersaults for a total of five turns. Werner was barely able to make the hard jump and ended up in sixth place.

Pass by Ruth and Borough – Chinese Cheer

Roth, the third highest Swiss crack, missed Le Relais. The 21-year-old has health problems (knee pain). Ruth has already climbed the podium three times with the single this winter (a second time, twice in the third).

In addition to Ruth, none of the Russians and Belarusians were at first. In the absence of season captain Maxim Boro (Russia), who has won all four World Cup competitions so far, China’s Jiaxu Sun celebrated his first win of the season against compatriot Longxiao Yang.

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What is his twenty-eighth victory in the World Cup?

In the women’s category, Alexandra Barr, the only Swiss woman at the start, clearly missed the final. The Chinese Mengtao Xu achieved victory. For the exceptional 31-year-old talent, this is already the 28th victory in the World Cup.