June 19, 2024

Additional income for MPs: Schultz calls for transparency "from the first euro onwards"

Additional income for MPs: Schultz calls for transparency “from the first euro onwards”

Additional income from members of Parliament
Schultz calls for transparency “from the first euro onwards”

Several members of the CDU and the Christian Social Union have already reconstituted themselves in the Bundestag. Their participation in mask stores, for example, fuels controversy over extra income. Vice Chancellor Schultz is now calling for clearer rules that apply to all income.

After the corruption scandal surrounding the union’s mask business, Deputy Chancellor Olaf Schultz demanded full disclosure of the MPs’ additional income. Social Democratic politician Bild am Sonntag said: “We finally need real transparency in parliaments: In the future, MPs should declare their additional income from the first euro and beyond. I expect the CDU and CDU to participate now.”

“Citizens need to know who they are voting – and where to get the money from,” Schultz added. It is difficult to reconcile the additional income in the millions with a full-time office of attorney. Schultz criticized the behavior of the Union MPs involved in the mask case, describing it as “immoral, illegal and irresponsible.” “These MPs are damaging democracy with their behavior,” he said.

So far, Members of Parliament do not have to specifically specify their additional income in euros and cents, but only in ten levels: the first level includes income from 1,000 euros to 3,500 euros, which is the last level of income from more than 250,000 euros per month.

The scandal surrounding commission payments in mask transactions, in which Union MPs are said to have influenced themselves, is currently shaking the CDU and CSU. After allegations were brought against CSU member of the Bundestag, Georg Nüßlein, who has since resigned from their mandate, and CDU member Nicholas Lobel, allegations against CSU member of state parliament and former Bavarian justice minister Alfred Sauter Wednesday. Additionally, two CDU members have resigned due to controversial lobbying.

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