Activision: EU decision coming soon – allegedly in favor of Microsoft

One has to be very careful here as there were similar reports before the UK’s decision and they turned out to be wrong: but the EU is said to allow Microsoft to take over Activision Blizzard next Monday.


The takeover of Activision Blizzard is currently on edge, because the British Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) decided at the end of April that the takeover could not be allowed. The reason given was Redmond’s cloud gaming business and impending dominance.

This was a big surprise, as it looks like Microsoft may be able to successfully address CMA’s concerns. In addition, shortly before the announcement, there were reports from well-known media outlets claiming to have found out that the takeover of the island would be threatened.

EU decision probably on May 15th

reported now Reuters Similar to the EU’s investigation into the deal: According to information from the news agency, the EU’s monopoly trustees are “likely” to announce their decision on May 15th. This in itself is not a huge surprise as the EU Commission has set May 22, 2023 as the deadline.

According to Reuters, the European Union will agree to the acquisition and of course it will be a great achievement for Microsoft. The news agency did not give many details here, citing “people familiar with the matter”. The European Union has to be satisfied with the agreements Microsoft has with Nvidia and Nintendo, among others. The Redmond company has not signed an explicit contract with Valve, but the Steam player has announced that it trusts Microsoft.

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In the event that the EU approves the deal, everything will depend on the decision of the US Federal Trade Commission. This could ban the business, at least there were various signs previously that Microsoft could expect a lot of headwinds from the FTC. It is not currently clear what EU approval will mean for Great Britain. As such, experts believe that appeals against CMA decisions are rarely successful.


  • The European Union approves Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard.
  • Microsoft has agreements with Nvidia and Nintendo.
  • The US FTC could block the deal.
  • Late April: CMA rejects takeover due to imminent dominance.
  • United Kingdom: Appeals against decisions of the Capital Markets Authority are rarely successful.

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