ACM-G10 (“Alchemist”): Arc A750 outperforms GeForce RTX 3060 in select games

The results are just perfect in nature

Manufacturers offering their internal standards based on hand-selected games before releasing a new product is nothing new, but Intel’s approach to Arc A750 standards has a more special character.

In its presentation of the Arc A750 Limited Edition, the expected reference model for the graphics card, Intel says very clearly that the games chosen are explicitly games in which the driver actually works well and that the performance achieved cannot be transferred to other games.

The performance results shown here are from a small subset of games, which work well with Intel® Arc™ and the Alchemist architecture. I’m not confirming that ALL GAMES will show these results, but it’s a view of what Intel Arc A-series cards are capable of with the right software and engineering enablement.

Ryan Schrute, Intel Corporation

With this, Intel confirms the Arc A750 in advance of what has already been announced with the Arc A350, and the software and graphics engine remains Intel’s largest construction site. For Intel Xe HPG aka “The Alchemist” to be able to show what it’s capable of, all general conditions must be true and they obviously don’t at the moment.

The fact is that Intel, along with the A350 and A750, will soon launch two first-generation Arc graphics cards in China and have not yet been shown with products in Europe and the USA.

Perhaps Intel would like to appear more prominent in this country with its second generation, also known as “Battlemage”. The first comparisons with the competition, for example, in the duel “Intel A370M vs. AMD 6500M”, where Intel clearly lost.

The editors would like to thank the “Philste” community for pointing out this update.

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