May 23, 2024

According to the task force leader, whether or not FFP2 is of secondary importance

According to the task force leader, whether or not FFP2 is of secondary importance

You have to keep this in mind when wearing the FFP2 mask

Significant number of cases, omecons, and stricter mask requirements: Many are now switching from a surgical mask to an FFP2 mask because they feel better protected with it. You can see what you should pay attention to in the video.


Does an FFP2 mask protect against coronavirus better than a surgical mask? The question is asked over and over again in a pandemic. Chief of Staff Tanya Stadler has now taken a stand in front of the media.

In Austria and the German state of Baden-Württemberg, the mask requirement applies Now FFP2 as standard. A mask is considered complete only if an FFP2 or similar mask is worn. In Switzerland, on the other hand, the authorities have not yet spoken in favor of this type of mask. Why? This is a topic over and over at media conferences of experts. So also on Tuesday.

The big difference in terms of protection is not between surgical masks and FFP2 masks, but between “no mask and a mask that was worn correctly”. Here’s what Task Force Leader Tanya Stadler said: In front of the media in Bern.

If each of us wears the mask correctly, where it makes sense, “then the epidemic will be under control,” Stadler says. The FFP2 mask is not necessary in every situation, but “depending on the situation, it definitely brings something”.

Patrick Mathis of the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) added: Based on these considerations, the federal government does not recommend the wearing of FFP2 masks. In general, it is important to wear a mask correctly, otherwise it will not provide any additional protection.

You can find out what to look for when wearing an FFP2 mask in the video above.

Tania Stadler, head of the Covid science task force, attended the media conference in Bern wearing a surgical mask.

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