July 12, 2024

According to the Pope, science is not at the expense of people

According to the Pope, science is not at the expense of people

Pope Francis reminded researchers of their responsibility towards humanity. Faith and science can be united in love if science is put at the service of the people of our time and is not distorted to their detriment or even destroyed, Francis told participants at an international conference at the Vatican Observatory in Castel Gandolfo.

At the conference, which brings together nearly 200 scientists, the latest research questions will be discussed, such as the mystery of cosmic singularities – from the Big Bang to black holes – and the topic of gravitational waves. Pope Francis stressed that the Church cares about such research and supports it because it shakes the sensitivity and intelligence of men and women of our time.

The Pope said that the beginning of the universe, its final development, and the deep structure of space and time plunged man into a frantic search for meaning and into a vast scenario in which he risks getting lost. It is clear, then, that these topics have special importance in theology, philosophy, science, and also in spiritual life. Photos, videos and stage directions

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