According to Terraria dev, the launch of Stadia will continue once the dispute with Google • is resolved

Earlier this month, after a very public disagreement with Google, Terraria studio Re-Logic announced that it would stop developing a version of the Stadia game. However, it has now been decided to reverse this decision and development will continue.

Events culminated in early February when he was the founder of Re-Logic Andrew Spinks Denounced against Google on Twitter After deactivating his account for three weeks without explanation, he blocked access to his Google Play app library, Google Drive data, and YouTube channel. He wrote, “The worst part is that I’ve lost access to my Gmail address for over 15 years.”

He added, “I have done absolutely nothing to violate your terms of use, so I cannot do anything other than the decision to burn this bridge.” “Think of it as burned out. Terraria for Google Stadia has been canceled. My company will not support any of your platforms in the future anymore.”

Terraria: End Trip Trailer.

In the A new update has been posted on the Terraria forumHowever, Re-Logic announced that the Stadia release would continue after all. “As you may have noticed, we ran into a lot of problems early in the year as the entire Google account for Redigit was closed in early January,” the company wrote. “After a month of pressure (and with the tremendous support of our fans), Google finally got in touch and was able to offer a high level of transparency about the situation and access all of our accounts again.”

“Because of the hard work of the Stadia Team and our partners at 505 Games, we decided to allow for the upcoming launch. [of] Follow the phrase “Terraria in Google Stadia in the future”. “Terraria Stadia is based on DR Studios (newest) and is currently in Google for certification review.”

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There is no information on when Terraria for Stadia will be launched, but it is encouraging to see that the issue was resolved relatively quickly. Stages recently of course I stopped developing the indoor gameHowever, maintaining relationships with outside studios is very important now.

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