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NSWhen he met the Pope at the Vatican last week, the 78-year-old US president was in quite a short conversation. For example, towards the end of the audience, Joe Biden — from Catholic to Catholic — showed Francis, who is six years his senior, a little anecdote from the history of sports in his homeland. Main character: African American baseball pitcher Satchel Page, who has had an amazingly long career.

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“Usually, shooters lose limb strength by age 35,” Biden said, referring to the officials’ lavish age. “But he won even on his forty-seventh birthday.” The professional baseball player answered journalists’ questions in light of the extraordinary performance with an unforgettable sentence: For him, age is just a number.

Paige is not the only black baseball player to have achieved such legendary status. However, only a few others are firmly entrenched in the public consciousness. One of them is Jackie Robinson, who in 1947 was the first African American to land a contract with the Brooklyn Dodgers in the then Whites Major League Baseball (MLB). Or the home management specialists Willie Mays and Hank Aaron, who in the 1950s helped gradually erase the effects of decades of racial segregation in American sports.

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Indeed, there was already such an exceptional talent as the fast sprinting and pulling strong Oscar Charleston, whose talent was recognized by very respectable white contemporaries such as Honus Wagner: “In my many years there, I’ve seen the best players, but no one is better than Charleston yet” .

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