July 17, 2024

About Mahan Air: Gambolino’s Flight from South Africa via Congo and Afghanistan to Iran

About Mahan Air: Gambolino’s Flight from South Africa via Congo and Afghanistan to Iran

Despite the sanctions, Iran Air continues to receive new aircraft. This time, four Avro RJ85s set off on a trip halfway around the world to land at Mahan Air.

And it usually works out somehow in the end: Even though many Western countries have imposed sanctions on Iran, the country’s airlines continue to receive Western-made planes. Now Mahan Air has once again become a flight data provider. CH Airlines The airline is reported to have purchased four Avro ARJ85s.

One of the Gambolinos, also called the small four-jet, has already arrived in Iran and is already flying for Mahan Air. It has the registration number EP-MEI and has been flying between Tehran and Kerman for the past few days. Earlier this year, it flew from Kabul to Iran.

Age between 23 and 27 years

Three of the aircraft are currently in Kabul and will likely be transferred to Iran soon. But Afghanistan was only the last stop on a long journey. According to CH Aviation, the Avros aircraft are serial numbers E2318, E2383, E2389 and E2394. They are aged between approximately 23 and 27 years old and have been flying with BA Cityflyer, Northwest Airlink in the USA and Botnia Air from Finland, among others.

They were most recently flying on South African Airways. However, they grounded the aircraft in 2019 and sold it. In 2020, they finally flew to Hyderabad, India for storage.


But sometime between then and December 2023, they set off again. This time, the report says, they went to Congo, where they obtained local registration. In late 2023, they traveled via Chah Bahar in Iran to Kabul, where they have remained ever since.

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Mahan Air is the only commercial operator of the Avro ARJ85 in Iran. The airline currently has six aircraft flying. It also has four ARJ100s, a BAE 146-200 and four BAE 146-300s. Other Avros operators include Qeshm Air with five ARJ100s and the Air Force with two ARJ85s.

66 aircraft in two years

It has just become known that Mahan Air was purchasing two Airbus A340 aircraft – also via bypass routes. These aircraft entered the country via Afghanistan. According to the Iranian government, a total of 66 new aircraft have joined the fleet of Iranian airlines in the past two years.