December 10, 2023

About 350 immigrants cross the English Channel into Great Britain - Politics

About 350 immigrants cross the English Channel into Great Britain – Politics

More migrants are arriving again in the UK via the perilous boat journey across the English Channel. The British government is putting more pressure on this.

Within two days, about 350 migrants made their way across the English Channel to Great Britain in small boats. This figure is based on information from the British Ministry of Defense and a BBC report that includes eyewitness observations on Monday.

Previously there were interruptions at the crossings – probably due to difficult weather conditions. According to statistics from the British News Agency, at least 6,947 migrants have already crossed the English Channel from France to Great Britain this year. That’s more than three times what it was this time last year (around 2,000) and even more than six times what it was in 2020, when about 1,000 people arrived by the beginning of May.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Home Secretary Priti Patel have promised that immigration could be tightened after Brexit. Because of the growing numbers, Patel in particular is under a lot of pressure in her conservative party.

Britain signed an agreement with Rwanda to deter economic migrants. After arriving illegally in the UK, male migrants will be flown to the East African country pending a decision on their asylum application. The agreement was strongly criticized by the opposition and human rights activists.