October 4, 2023

A350 F as jumbo successor: Boeing 747 claims Silk Way West from Airbus

A350 F as jumbo successor: Boeing 747 claims Silk Way West from Airbus

In fact, Silk Way West planned its future with the Boeing 747. That was no longer possible. Airbus is now benefiting from this. The airline orders the A350 F – and wants more.

Silk Way West Airlines’ fleet currently consists of seven Boeing 747-400s and five 747-8s. Indeed, the Azerbaijani airline would have liked to continue with aircraft of the American manufacturer. In 2018 she stated, They need 20 more than 747-8 seconds I am concerned that Boeing may abandon the program.

Indeed, Boeing will Delivery of the last three jumbo jets this year, then finished. As the successor, the aircraft manufacturer of the United States Announced 777-8F. The 777X is scheduled to begin shipping in 2027.

The system should be just the beginning

But Silk Way West decided otherwise, at least for now, and signed a purchase agreement for two A350 Fs, Airbus announced on Tuesday (28 June). The manufacturer is pleased that this is the first order from the Caspian region of the freight model. The airline wants to modernize and expand its fleet with the A350 F.

“We are delighted to sign the first, but certainly not the last, contract with Airbus, which marks the beginning of what I am sure will be a very fruitful partnership in our journey towards future growth,” said Wolfgang Meyer, President of Silkway West. . It doesn’t look like Boeing has much chance of getting an order for the 777-8F any time soon.