July 15, 2024

A woman buys 85 houses – instead of one

A woman buys 85 houses – instead of one

An American woman has become the owner of 85 properties valued at about $50 million. All she really wanted to do was buy a house.


The basics in brief

  • A woman wanted to buy a house in the US state of Nevada.
  • With the equivalent of 560,000 Swiss francs, she was able to realize her dream.
  • However, due to an error in the title deeds, she became the owner of 85 properties.

In fact, she just wanted a house in it Reno, Nevada (USA) to buy. But when the American delivers the documents to her home, she is shocked. According to the deeds, she is now the owner of everyone 85 properties And two common areas. But she paid a total of only $595,000dollar (equivalent to about 560,000 francs).

Its new assets are estimated at 50 million dollar (47 million francs) estimated. indeed in documents It’s a mistake, says Corey Burke, a Washoe County surveyor.

Do you own real estate?

The title company may have simply included the legal description from another transfer in the document. As Burke told Reno Gazette-Journal, the bug was reported immediately. In the best case scenario, the properties will be returned to the original owners.

However, the unwanted owner of all real estate can stop this process. However, there has been no indication yet that it will.

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