A violent explosion destroyed an apartment building in Belgium

A serious explosion destroyed large parts of an apartment building in the northern Belgian town of Turnhout on Friday. According to official information, at first it was not clear whether there were people killed. One had to be taken to the hospital, and another was initially locked up in the partially collapsed building. Mayor Paul van Mert said in an interview published on the website of the newspaper “Het Laatste Nieuws” that the trapped person is doing well according to his statements. You have contact with her.

According to a report by the Belgian news agency, eight more people are initially still missing. She added that it was not clear whether they were in the building at the time of the explosion. Pictures from the scene showed that parts of the two upper floors of the four-storey house were completely destroyed by the explosion. Parts of the outer wall and parts of the ceilings were completely torn off.

At first there was no information about the exact cause of the explosion. “We suspect a gas explosion,” Mayor Paul van Mert said. (MEG/SDA/DBA)

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