June 21, 2024

A video that proves shit.  Insolent fraud by professional fishermen is causing a scandal.

A video that proves shit. Insolent fraud by professional fishermen is causing a scandal.

Sports fishing is not as poetic as it is in this avatar.

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In the United States, two successful professional fishermen were convicted of fraud. They cheated with a shameless trick and almost won nearly $30,000 in prize money.

Fishers Fritz catches the freshest fish. But not only fisherman Fritz, but also Chase Kominsky and Jake Runyon regularly catch fresh fish. The two are sport hunters and have already won many competitions. They’re in the fishing circles, if you will. two big fish. But now the glory is over for now, because the two were caught cheating for a tournament on the Lake Erie Wally Trail.

15.5 kilograms for 30 thousand dollars

Last Friday, Kominsky and Runyon competed together in the championship in Cleveland, USA. Objective: To pull five light gray eyes (a glass eye) out of Lake Erie that are as heavy as possible. Whoever catches the heaviest fish overall wins. In this case, the prize money is $28,760. Cominsky and Runyon fish weigh 15.5 kg – the best value.

But the organizer, his name, and this is no joke, in fact Jason Fisher, is skeptical. Something not proportional to the size and weight of the fish. Fisher later explained that the fish was twice as heavy as he had expected by eye “CNN”.

Because he thinks this is not possible, Fisher takes a closer look at the fish and feels something difficult. Cut animals with a knife. Indeed, there is a problem.

From this moment He no longer fishes in poor water, but he knows what’s going on. He takes one bullet after another from the corpses. “We have weights in the fish,” Fisher roared as Runyon stood right in front of him.

“You belong in prison”

Finally, more and more angry people gather around Fisher and Runyon. In addition to lead balls, Fischer also offers pre-cut zander slices. “This is robbery,” “call the police,” and “you belong in prison” are the sweet shouts of the angry crowd.

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Fisher tries to calm the situation: “Jake, I want you to go now. And I don’t want anyone to touch these guys.” Runyon stands there stoically, staring guiltily at his now damaged fish. He and a colleague stuffed the fish to gain weight and win the prize money. Fischer told regional broadcaster 19 News that 3.6 kilograms was “full.” .

One of the Hunters present shouted, “How many damn tournaments have you done?” “You have a boat, you have thousands of dollars you stole from all of us,” another shouted in the direction of Runyon. The most amazing thing about the prize money is that it consists of the entry fee for all hunters who participate in the competition.

The duo, now convicted of cheating, have had some successes in the past. They won big prize money in the “Rossford Walleye Roundup” in the spring and have also been successful in the other three “Lake Erie Walleye Trail” tournaments. It has not been proven whether they also cheated at that time. Cominsky and Runyan have not yet commented on the allegations. But there are consequences anyway. In addition to excluding the tournament, the prosecutor’s office must also report shortly. The case is currently before the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Agency spokesman Stephanie O’Grady said the Wildlife Service is gathering evidence.

cheating problem

This isn’t the first time the two cheating hunters have attracted negative attention. Last year, they were disqualified from starring in the same series because someone failed a polygraph test like her “Globalism” Writes.

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These tests are common because regulators cannot permanently monitor the fishing area. A test was also held at the current tournament, but, according to the organizer Fischer, Kominsky and Runyan successfully passed it.

Cheating in sport fishing is not a new phenomenon. Hunters unleashed their creativity. Among other things, fishing baskets containing fish already caught before the start of the tournament were placed and then presented as new catches. Also, working with weights is already known, sometimes they are prepared with ice as well, which also increases weight, but leaves no trace when melted.

In the end, along with scammers, the sport fishing scene is the second biggest loser. As the old African proverb says.

«One rotten fish spoils the whole kitchen.»