May 21, 2024

A two-person team at the head of the Stadelschwarzach brass band

The harmony increases, the joy in the music returns more and more – and the group fits together again. Things keep getting better for the Stadelschwarzach Brass Band. After years of decline in the number of musicians, during which some may have already faced the imminent dissolution of the band, the curve has been pointing upward since last year. Thanks to the young and enthusiastic management team.

This young management team consists of many authentic musicians from the Stadelschwarzacher Kapelle and has been in existence since last summer. If there had previously been a first and second president, the goal was to distribute the burden equally on two shoulders. A change was made to the articles of association and was unanimously approved by members at the annual general meeting last Sunday. From now on, the two best friends, 36-year-old trombonist Tobias Gerlach and 39-year-old trumpeter Sebastian Königer, have equal rights at the head of the band. The board team is completed by Michaela Berthel (33 – clarinet) and Florian Ebert (36 – tuba).

Organizing via the app

In addition to regular musical rehearsals, which have been held again since last year, the young leaders updated the organization of the ensemble. All meetings, performances and rehearsals are now scheduled online through the Orchestra App. This means that information and appointments that may have previously been 'lost' are now always with you on your smartphone in your pocket.

When it comes to musical performances, the first inquiries have already been accepted from organizers in the area at local events, such as church fairs and club festivals. The band is still missing a leader. But here they are also confident that, given the good chemistry in the band, they will be able to win the award in time.

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New board of directors

Tobias Gerlach and Sebastian Königer (equal chairmen), Florian Ebert (treasurer), Michaela Berthel (secretary), Dominik Berthel, Maximilian Ebert, Thomas Ebert, Martin Fackelmann, Georg Klose (assessor), Herbert Radina and Lukas Harth (auditor).