July 16, 2024

A traditional company from the Ruhr region will be closed in 2023

A traditional company from the Ruhr region will be closed in 2023

A traditional company from the Ruhr region should close in 2023. The group behind the company wants to produce abroad in the future.

Gelsenkirchen – Brydon with a production site in Gelsenkirchen-Schalke will close in 2023. This was announced by the Belgian parent company Bakart via a message on its website.

a company Brydon
Site Gelsenkirchen
main company a favour

“Bridon” closes its doors in Gelsenkirchen – the parent company moves production to Great Britain

Bridon produces steel ropes in Gelsenkirchen, for example for cable cars or mining. Instead of Gelsenkirchen, Beckert wants to produce more ropes in Great Britain in the future – in Doncaster and Newcastle.

This ends the tradition of producing long ropes in Gelsenkirchen. The company has been producing steel cables since 1853, at that time with the name “Thyssen Draht AG”.

Brydon no longer generates enough income in Gelsenkirchen – and it closes

As a reason to close Bridon in Gelsenkirchen, Bekaert states that the site no longer offers the opportunity to “provide a financially sustainable service”. In other words: it seems that the company is no longer making enough sales with production in Gelsenkirchen.

Bridon produces steel cables in Gelsenkirchen – such as those that could also have been used on the new A1 bridge in Leverkusen. But that matter eventually broke up with the company.

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Reverse WAZ IGM union secretary Ralph Guller said the company had lost business with Russia. On the other hand, don’t linger too long in the ancient site in the heart of Ruhr region It’s invested, which is why it’s in red.

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A total of 77 Brydon employees have been affected by the lockdown in Gelsenkirchen

According to the Belgian parent company, 77 employees were affected by the shutdown of the losing plant. According to the announcement, Beckert wants to “carefully examine the possibilities of mitigating the social impacts of the employees involved” (more here NRW . News Read on RUHR24).

annoying WAZReport, no Brydon employee should be terminated before July 1, 2023.

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