June 23, 2024

A tornado rages on the mountain tops: a video showing an amazing natural phenomenon

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from: Michelle Manti

Legend has it that hurricanes can’t hit mountains, but video from the US is now documenting the opposite.

MUNICH/MONTANA (USA) – Storm clouds gather as Lisa Hendrickson looks out the window. Then the American discovered more than just black clouds. She quickly pulled out her mobile phone and photographed the incredible: a turbulent cloud raging in the middle of a mountaintop. A woman from St. Ignatius in the US state of Montana shared the video with her Facebook followers, who were also amazed. Warnings of severe weather in Germany are also increasing, but is this unusual natural phenomenon even possible on a mountain?

Spotted a tornado on top of a mountain?

after German weather service (DWD) A tornado is a rotating column of air. It is in contact with the ground and relatively perpendicular to the dense cloud from which it emerges. This phenomenon can also be seen in the video. A thick black cloud could be seen protruding from a column of air perpendicular to the ground. The tornado appears to be located directly over the top of the snow-capped mountain. The white clouds on top of the mountain look like hurricane snow. A female voice in the background, which Lisa Hendrickson is referring to, is also suspected.

“I’ve never seen that before,” she said in her Facebook video. Tornadoes form when extreme temperature differences collide. They are not uncommon in the United States Already in March, 50 tornadoes were reported in seven US states registered. Sometimes they destroy homes and make entire cities uninhabitable.

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An American woman thinks a storm is coming when she suddenly spots a tornado on top of a mountain. (iconic image) © Ray van Zeschau / IMAGO

Bad weather and a tornado warning in Germany, too

This weather phenomenon can also happen in Germany. Just in March, DWD also announced a suspected hurricane for Germany, as strong gusts were expected over the North Sea. Now the question arises whether cyclones can also occur in the Alps. There is a myth that tornadoes are not possible in the mountains. high weather online In the mountains there are bad conditions for their formation, but they cannot be ruled out, as photos and videos of such phenomena appear frequently.

To date, however, tornadoes have only been documented on the mountain in the USA. Whether the funnel-shaped cloud in the video is a tornado can be loud Online weather service However it cannot be clearly confirmed, because it is not clear if it actually touches the ground. Favorite