December 7, 2023

A surprising mission - Sudanese Prime Minister Hamdok resigns in his resignation

A surprising mission – Sudanese Prime Minister Hamdok resigns in his resignation

  • In the event of the crisis in Sudan, Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok abruptly resigned.
  • He said he could not fulfill his promise to prevent a political catastrophe in the Horn of Africa country.
  • A few days ago, as in previous weeks, there were once again bloody demonstrations against the transitional government, in which the army is participating, in Sudan.

“I decided to announce my resignation and make room for others,” Hamdok said late on Sunday. The prime minister was overthrown in a military coup at the end of October, and was only reinstated on November 21 after pressure from home and abroad.

According to an agreement with the military governor, Major General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, Hamdok was allowed to form a government that would include civilian representatives. However, as head of the Sovereignty Council, Al-Burhan headed the new interim government with Hamdok. The Sovereignty Council also includes representatives of the military accused of gross human rights violations and corruption.

Died again after protests

In recent days, the Central Committee of Sudanese Doctors reported that people were again killed by security forces during demonstrations against the army’s participation in the interim government. Demonstrators have repeatedly demanded that the military hand over power to a civilian government. They accused Hamdok of treason.

Hamdok’s resignation puts Sudan in a political vacuum. It was not clear on Sunday evening whether a civilian politician or a military representative would take over Hamdok’s position.

Planned democratic elections

Sudan was firmly ruled by Omar al-Bashir for nearly 30 years. The long-term ruler was ousted from office in April 2019 due to months of mass protests and a military coup. The military and civilian opposition then agreed on a transitional government that would pave the way for democratic elections in 2022.

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In addition, large-scale economic reforms were planned that would cause the army to incur significant economic losses. The military also opposed a reassessment of human rights abuses led by Hamdok.