July 12, 2024

A sudden twist in the fate of Anna Sorokin

A sudden twist in the fate of Anna Sorokin

The story of Anna Sorokin was filmed in the Netflix series “Inventing Anna”.Credit: IMAGO Images / ZUMA Wire

Carla Hermel

After her arrest in October 2017, well-known fraud Anna Sorokin, who appeared under the name Anna Delphi, was released in February 2021. After only four years in prison, she was released on parole for good behavior, but was imprisoned again after a short time. The reason was a violation of visa requirements in the United States, where the supposed German heiress was also serving a prison sentence.

Since then, she has been detained and deported to Germany for several months. Now her case has taken a turn.

Anna Sorokin released on bail

According to numerous media reports, Anna Sorokin again became free. as such RTL Reportedly early in the morning, Sorokin’s lawyer confirmed that she would be released on bail from detention pending deportation. Now report “Aachen newspaper“That 10,000 euros the fraudster paid herself.

Anna Sorokin owns the money, among other things, from the Netflix streaming service, which according to her “from the insideAccording to media reports, part of the funds have been frozen, but the amount is said to have increased legal costs and debts, but the release is subject to stricter conditions. For example, Sorokin is not allowed to use social media, is electronically monitored and has “house arrest” until a final decision on deportation is made.

Instead of being imprisoned in Germany

A year and a half ago, the convicted fraudster was trying to prevent exactly that. In Germany you will not face any legal consequences, but according to “Mirror“Then she will not enter the United States again because of a lifetime ban. As her attorney, Duncan Levine.”daily MailAfter her betrayal in May, she prefers imprisonment in the United States to freedom in Germany.

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Anna Sorokin has been trying to break into New York City’s high society since 2013, and without a fortune. She repeatedly pretended to be the heiress of a German businessman, which people believed. It all started with the most expensive hotels and restaurants, and ended with large loans and a planned charitable foundation. Sorokin repeatedly deceived her peers, causing her to be held accountable four years later.

“Inventing Anna” was released in 2021, almost two years after her conviction. In the Netflix series, the story of the fraudster is widely reproduced, which made it even more famous.