December 7, 2023

A study in the United States found that dog breed had little effect on their behaviour.

A study in the United States found that dog breed had little effect on their behaviour.

Collies are smart, Boxers are loyal and Labs don’t howl, according to popular belief. However, as a scientific team has found, it’s not that simple.

“Take care of yourself, Hurl will be back soon,” she says to your lovable Labrador when you put on your shoes in the morning. What does the Labrador do during the next four hours? He is not a crying person. They claim that this is due to the Labrador’s rare howl.

Instead, there’s this distinctive sight, the greyhound. You can open a toy store right in front of it, but it won’t bury anything. They claim that this is because greyhounds do not dig.

Then there is the issue of Collie being smart, Boxers being loyal, Mastiff being cute, etc. Dog breeds are associated with a variety of personalities. So it is now, the four-legged friend: the drawer is open, the drawer is closed. Until men and women start talking about howling their labs and greyhounds bury themselves. What now? how is she?

Modern dog breeds are less than 160 years old

A team from Chan School of Medicine at the University of Massachusetts in Worcester (USA) investigated this question and published the results in the popular journal Science. As a result, a dog’s temperament is largely determined by its breed. Many dog ​​behaviors, for example B. Whether a dog is playful, docile or genetically attentive depends on the research. On the other hand, individual dogs tend to differ more than breeds. Only about 9% of the differences in individual dogs’ behavior can be explained by breed alone. According to the scientific team, the lifespan of modern dog breeds is less than 160 years. On the other hand, most reproductive characteristics are believed to have evolved thousands of years ago.

Only if your dearest Labrador should suddenly howl.

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