July 14, 2024

A storm in March 2021: The Arctic storm has blown over Great Britain – with dire consequences for Germany

A storm in March 2021: The Arctic storm has blown over Great Britain – with dire consequences for Germany

A polar storm raging over Britain.
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So far, Hoch Margarethe has made him comfortable across the British Isles, but he’s now heading to Germany – with dire consequences. While Central Europe relies on high temperatures and spring season the weather A polar storm raging over Great Britain.

Current Storms in Europe: An Arctic Storm is raging over Great Britain

After Hoch Margarethe moved to Central Europe, he moved there StormDepth from Iceland to. According to the British Weather Service, the United Kingdom faces freezing temperatures, strong storms and heavy rain. Meteorologists have warned of violent storms that will reach the northwest late Tuesday evening and will also spread to other parts of the country from Thursday. The polar storm was said to be raging over the British Isles with winds of up to 104 kilometers per hour. At worst, the extremely uncomfortable weather can last until Easter.

Hoch Margarethe brings spring weather to Germany – a cold comeback on the weekend

This weather condition is not without consequences for Germany. to me “wetterkontor.de“The large weather map shows how Hoch Margarethe spreads across central Europe over the course of the week. However, on weekends, low-pressure foothills frequently reach Germany in the north. Temperatures initially rise to peaks of 15 degrees in the west and in the south. West Germany, before Saturday again, kachelmannwetter.com reports, the situation could become unstable, especially in the northern half, and it remains to be seen how the weather will evolve further.

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