December 11, 2023

A review of the book "A Matter of Honor" - Spectrum of Science

A review of the book “A Matter of Honor” – Spectrum of Science

One Saturday afternoon, four young men broke into a youth center in Duisburg, stretched out their right arms and shouted loudly: “Heil Hitler!”. You just came from an anti-Israel demonstration. Supervisor Burak Yilmaz opposes them. They answer: “We are anti-Semitic, you can’t change that.” For Yilmaz, the incident is a turning point. In his book A Matter of Honor: Fighting Jewish Hate, he tells of his childhood and youth, the son of Kurdish-Turkish parents born in Duisburg, about his experiences with racism and his commitment to fighting injustice and hate. of the Jews. For example, by organizing educational trips to Auschwitz for Muslim youth.

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