December 4, 2023

A return not ruled out?: Julia Louis-Dreyfus was surprised by the potential return of Seinfeld

A return not ruled out?: Julia Louis-Dreyfus was surprised by the potential return of Seinfeld

Kehren die “Seinfeld”-Hauptdarsteller bald vor die Kamera zurück? Foto: imago images/Mary Evans

Jerry Seinfeld hat angedeutet, dass es womöglich ein Comeback der Kult-Sitcom “Seinfeld” geben könnte. Seine Kollegin Julia Louis-Dreyfus hat allerdings offenbar keinerlei Ahnung, wovon er da redet.

Sitcom-Fans machen sich nach einem Auftritt von Jerry Seinfeld (69) Hoffnung, dass es ein Comeback von “Seinfeld” geben wird. Er deutete an, dass die Kult-Sitcom, die ursprünglich zwischen 1989 und 1998 auf dem US-Network NBC ausgestrahlt wurde, in irgendeiner Form zurückkehren könnte. Julia Louis-Dreyfus (62), die damals eine der wichtigsten Rollen neben dem Schauspieler und Komiker verkörperte, weiß jedoch noch nicht, worüber Seinfeld spricht.

“Ja, ich habe [die Nachricht] “I just saw her last night,” says the Ellen actress. In an interview with the British Guardian. “And I don’t know what the hell he’s talking about,” she adds. Jason Alexander, 64, and Michael Richards, 74, who played George and Kramer, have not yet commented.

Jerry Seinfeld Has a “Little Secret”

During a recent appearance in Boston, the comedian discussed the sitcom’s finale, which, according to media reports, was watched by 76 million people in the United States at the time. Seinfeld said he had a “little secret” with him. As reported by NBC, among others.

“Something will happen that has to do with the end of the sitcom,” said the star, who also co-created the series. Along with Larry David (76), the second brain behind the show, “Think What You’re Thinking Now. You’ll See.” The Seinfeld insinuations not only sparked spontaneous applause but also led to speculation.

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It is not yet known what exactly Seinfeld is talking about. “It’s possible,” the comedian told host Ellen DeGeneres, 65. However, it was already revealed in 2018When she asked him on her show if a comeback was possible.