June 23, 2024

A quick overview of Italy’s new speed camera regulations – what holidaymakers need to know

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Italy is one of the strongholds of speed cameras in Europe. There are more than 11,000 cameras at the popular holiday destination – twice as many as here. This could change soon.

ROME – When it comes to drunk driving, Italian traffic authorities seem to be no joke at all. Last summer, in the middle of the holiday season, the country announced stricter rules and strict penalties, and six points were tightened again in March this year. The action doesn’t stop with vacationers either.

According to a new draft law, speed controls should now be amended – although a controversial regulation in Italy could favor speeding drivers.

Too many of them, too hidden, too close to each other: speed cameras cause outrage in Italy

In Italy, you should adhere to the speed limit as much as possible: there are more than 11,000 speed cameras in the southern holiday destination, the highest in Europe, among other things. South Tyrol News I was informed. For comparison: according to the traffic portal bussgeldkatalog.org With approximately 4,500 fixed surveillance cameras, there are not even half as many in Germany as there are in Italy.

Improve road safety or municipal coffers? Drivers criticize the difficulty of seeing many speed cameras in Italy. Stricter regulations for speed cameras will be implemented in the future. (Avatar) © Imago

The extremely large number of “Autovelox” machines, as fixed speed checkers are called in Italy, is one reason why many locals feel they are trying to make money. Like public radio opinion As he writes, it is the way and place of installing speed cameras that offends many citizens and even politicians.

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Speed ​​cameras are often hidden and insufficient information is available to drivers, according to criticism of current procedures. In addition, several speed cameras can follow each other closely. This has long caused dissatisfaction with local and tourist drivers. And to the tangible protests: Under the pseudonym “Fleximan,” one group literally dismantled speed camera systems across the country. Using a chainsaw, the Italian “Robin Hood speed camera” disables rows of speed cameras, usually overnight.

New regulations for speed cameras: This is how Italy makes it difficult for municipalities to monitor speed cameras

Now politicians are also taking a look at the current rules for speed cameras. The new regulations for speed cameras are scheduled to be presented on Tuesday, May 28, according to which future speed cameras must be pre-approved by higher administrative offices (governors). Previously, relevant communities were able to install speed cameras on their own initiative. In addition, it must now be proven that speed cameras are necessary in the locations in question.

The following should be applied in the future:

  • Municipalities must obtain permission from the governor to install speed cameras and provide digital evidence that this measure works to reduce speed-related accidents. This also applies to portable meters.
  • Speed ​​cameras must be announced with appropriate information: outside the city at least 1,000 meters in front of the facility, 200 meters inside the city and 75 meters on other streets.
  • Speed ​​cameras may only be installed in urban areas where the speed limit is 50.
  • There must be at least three kilometers between the two speed cameras outside urban areas.
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The speed camera regulation is scheduled to enter into force two weeks after its announcement. “It will be used where it is actually needed, not as an additional tax,” Italian Infrastructure and Transport Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini said. “No more speed traps.” German drivers need to be careful about the speed limit on Italian highways.

Road safety versus making money: Italy discusses speed camera measures

As the Italian media unanimously reported, municipalities have twelve months to adapt speed cameras to the new requirements. If not done by then, they will be uninstalled. Fines should only apply to speed camera systems that comply with the regulations – and as it stands, these are very few, like the Italian fine. Vanity gallery He writes. In case of doubt, the Supreme Court will decide.

The new regulation is likely to be well received by many drivers. However, it finds little support among the Italian opposition. “Speed ​​limits are about saving lives, not making money,” says Social Democrat MP Andrea Casso. Italian city planner Matto Dondi said on this subject: “Everywhere where speed cameras are used, the number of deaths and injuries is much lower.” La Repubblica.

But the numbers also show that a lot of money is flowing in thanks to Autovelox. The country’s 20 largest cities generated more than €75 million from speed camera fines in 2022. Consumer organization Codacons determined this based on Interior Ministry figures. The tourist city of Florence alone recorded an income of more than 23 million euros. (Raku)